365 days of beach.

Dunas de Maspalomas.

The Grand Theme Park.

Costa de Maspalomas.

Pamper yourself.

Gran Canaria Spa, Wellness & Health Association.

We were witness to the greatest adventure in history.

Casa Museo de Colón.

Gran Canaria.

Den exceptionella geografiska mångfalden på Gran Canaria, de fina stränderna, en unik rikedom vad gäller historia, kultur och gastronomi och det stora utbudet av hotellanläggningar, har gjort vår ö till en plats som de som vill ha en annorlunda semester kan välja, nära hem, med alla fördelarna med en plats som är en del av Europeiska Unionen och där du varje dag upptäcker en ny värld och uppfylls av nya intryck i alla riktningar. Spela golf på Gran Canaria är mer än att praktisera en sport, det är en tradition som har sitt ursprung året 1891, då man bildade Real Club de Golf i Las Palmas, pionjär i Spanien.

365 days of beach.

Sun in winter and summer with 128 beaches to choose from; beaches with crystal clear water and fine, golden sand or dark, volcanic sand. Isolated, tranquil coves reached by sea or spectacular canyons. All safe, with clean and transparent water. Loose yourself in the brilliant freedom of a stroll on the beach, like an escape for your mind. If you prefer asphalt, choose the best urban beach in the archipelago, just a few steps from a trendy terrace or restaurant, you will find a beach with the warmth of that same city that’s giving you a reason to smile.

We were witness to the greatest adventure in history

As a bridge between three continents, Gran Canaria has been witness to the best adventure in History: the discovery of the New World. The inheritance as a crossroad for the traveller is reflected in the island character: open, cosmopolitan, and multicultural. Cities and villages display their over 500-year history through architecture of a colonial flavour and hundred year old traditions that highlight an unmistakeable Atlantic identity. Enrich your stay with a concert or a museum visit; just look up the Island’s extensive cultural program. www.grancanaria.com
Casa de Colón

The Grand Theme Park.

Our Island can be seen as an authentic “Theme Park” with all its fun and activity. Safe beaches, leisure centres, water and theme parks, camel rides, scuba diving, pirate ships and an endless amount of possibilities, guaranteeing fun for all ages. And where better to practice sports and other open-air activities than in a place that combines extended daylight with a cosmopolitan night life. The enchantment of the carnival, the terraces, casinos, the auditorium and popular celebrations guarantee fun for everyone.

Gran Canaria Wellness
Gran Canaria Wellness
Gran Canaria Wellness

Pamper yourself.

Here we have the purest Aloe Vera in the world and our climate is a tonic in itself. When you think about rest and relaxation, think about yourself and look for that idyllic location where to recover your vital energy.

In the paradise that is Gran Canaria you can shake off your daily stress, with long walks on endless, gold-sand beaches, or by immersing yourself in refreshing bathes of warm, crystal seawater, fi lled with iodine and sodium.

The natural invigoration is complemented by some of the best Spa and Thalassotherapy Centres. The innovative facilities available on Gran Canaria are fi lled with experts that will
make your holiday into a unique experience for your senses.

For relaxation, think of yourself by thinking of Gran Canaria.

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