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Gran Canaria Golf

Best Golf Courses in Gran Canaria

Experts rate the golf courses in Gran Canaria among the best in Spain. They are made up of magnificent courses spread around the Island. All designed by specialists, each offers an oasis of tranquillity where to enjoy the peace and serenity needed to improve your game or to simply partake in your favourite sport.

Golf Hotels & Resorts in Canary Islands

Gran Canaria offers golfers a wide range of hotel accommodations where to enjoy a pleasant stay while taking advantage of the excellent services that these accommodations can provide.

Gran Canaria Golf Social Wall

Gran Canaria

Our Island can be seen as an authentic “Theme Park” with all its fun and activity. Safe beaches, leisure centres, water and theme parks, camel rides, scuba diving, pirate ships and an endless amount of possibilities, guaranteeing fun for all ages. And where better to practice sports and other open-air activities than in a place that combines extended daylight with a cosmopolitan night life. The enchantment of the carnival, the terraces, casinos, the auditorium and popular celebrations guarantee fun for everyone.

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